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YAEL vom Orsoyer Land, call name T, finished a successful 2014 testing season:
Pudelpointer, pudelpointer YAEL vom Orsoyer Land

VJP: JGV Tecklenburger Land:  76 pkts.

                                                   VPP - LG Westfalen:  75 pkts. Winner of the Klaus Tölle Preis
VPP - LG Westfalen: 
191 pkts. Winner of the Kanada Preis
                       65th Edgar Heyne:  182 pkts. Form and Hair: V/SG  Handsomest Female
Dem Sieger mit Härtenachweis VPP 2014
Due to severe work commitments this year, we couldn't get over to Germany in time to put the finish on her training and to handle her in the tests.

We have to give special thanks and all our love and gratitude to her breeder, Michaela Toelle for doing that for us, and so much more.

This is a site about Pudelpointers. There is some history about the breed, what the breed is about, a look at our experiences in Germany with our friends and our dogs, dogs and friends, and some interesting links. We train and test our dogs according to the German Hunting Dog system as set out by Der Jagdgebrauchshundverband e.V.
Along the way, we hope to introduce you to the German hunting dog traing and testing system that produced and maintains the standards of this wonderful breed and so many others. If you already know about the JGHV, then maybe we can help demystify some of it for you through our stories.For more information on the JGHV, please see some of the sites listed on the Links page listed below.
We are Jude Gerstein and Jeremy Kellough.
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Pudelpointer, pudelpointer Atze II vom Orsoyer Land
Atze II vom Orsoyer Land

So named in memory of our "big boy" Atze

Towards the latter half of the 19th century, German sportsman set out to breed the ideal versatile gun dog. This "dream dog" would have the keen, game-finding nose of the pointer, the toughness to work over rugged terrain, and a coat, which would defy the weather and protect the dog in dense, thorny cover. It was to be soft-mouthed and willing to search for and retrieve both upland game and waterfowl. It also was to track a blood scent, and work on fur as well. To this end, many sporting breeds were developed, and if they did not quite measure up to the ideal of the "dream dog," some came very close. All enjoyed a share of popularity among sportsmen in their own country. A few, like the German Shorthaired and Wire-Haired Pointers, were well received in Canada and the United States. Others have a small but loyal following, and one of those is the Pudelpointer..

It is said that the beginnings of the Pudelpointer go back to 1881, when a German Pudel was bred to an English pointer "Tell", owned by Kaiser Frederick III. From that breeding came dogs, it was hoped, would have the desire, drive and fire of the Pointer, and intelligence and devotion of the Pudel. In turn, dogs from this cross were bred to the English Pointer. The leader in the Pudelpointer's development was Baron von Zedlitz.

The result of this crossbreeding is a dog that stands about 24" at the shoulder and weighs from 50 - 70 lbs. It is active and eager to work, and well suited to water work. The overall picture should be that of an agile, versatile hunting dog, with sufficient height, standing over plenty of ground. The ideal coat should be wiry, harsh and dense, though there are variations. The colour is usually some variation of liver, with ranges from dark brown to light brown. Some pudelpointers are black, and some may have a small white star on the chest. Pudelpointers     should have well-developed moustaches and eyebrows. His character should indicate enthusiasm for work,  keeness, spark, and strong nerves.

Some pudelpointers work close and some are far ranging. In any case, they should check back with the handler from time to time. A lot depends not just on the dog itself, but also upon what the owner trains their dog for. They have a tendency to try and anticipate your wishes, always eager to please, though this can be frustrating, especially when doing early obedience training.

While they do not tend to match the marking ability of the retriever, they are excellent water dogs, and are difficult to match when working in a marsh in search of a downed duck. Though silent as a rule, our pudelpointers will give tongue when running rabbits. They are excellent house dogs, and want to be part of a family. The devotion they show to their owners is very typical of the "unconditional love" associated with dogs.

  Having said all that, the Pudelpointer is not a dog for everyone.

Every Pudelpointer seems to have a quirk to their personality and no two are ever identical. Some do indeed think the PP is a more advanced trainer's dog. People that see a good dog in the field and make their decision based on that particular animal is in for a nasty dose of reality when it comes to the amount of upkeep in training that went into getting that dog to perform so well. The PP is not a dog that comes with a sugar coating when it comes to training. On that note, there is great knowledge available to those that want it in training but it does require patience. A good sense of humour is a must.

For many, the Pudelpointer is a beautiful breed, which rivals any versatile breed out there. They have their strong points and their weaknesses, as do all dogs. If you want a great dog you are going to have to earn it with time, knowledge and patience every step of the way or to simply buy a finished one. That is no different than any other dog! They are very similar yet unique to one another and to the other Versatiles. There is an inherent challenge to these dogs that make their owners look forwards to strapping on their gear to train and yet they are adored in the home as easy going affectionate members of the family.

If you are up for the task and honest about the commitment then the Pudelpointer is the dog for you!

Pudelpointer pudelpointer Atze II Big Boy  A strong family resemblance -  Big Boy Atze and cousin Yael   Pudelpointer Yael vom Orsoyer LandPudelpointer, pudelpointer friend
pudelpointer breeder vom Orsoyer Land

We started a new journey with Yael vom Orsoyer Land. Her grandmother is a full sister to our oldest Pudelpointer, OTTER vom Orsoyer Land. Stay tuned for updates from her half-brother ATZE v2.0.
His father is a nephew of our "big boy" Atze.
YAEL vom Orsoyer Land, call name "T"  or "Teasel" is an example of breed lines also being "types." We see a lot of the wonderful charactertistics of Otter's mother still showing strong in her great-granddaughter T. Like all our Pudelpointers, vom Osoyer Land blood runs strong in her veins. Michaela Tölle is the breeder of vom Orsoyer Land, but to us, she is our home, heart and soul.

Without the experience we have gained since 2001, we would not be able to do justice to this little ball of fir
e. And none of it would be possible without the unflagging support of Michaela Tölle and all our German PP family of VPP e. V. - LG Westfalen. Of course, we have had a lot of support here in Canada from Ken Dinn, Sandy and Gary Hodson, and "Uncle" Mickey Ristic, among others. Mickey has laughed and cried with us, and his friendship has kept us going through it all.

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